Projection / 27 avril 20h / “Songs Of The Day After” / Barbara Glas

Projection / 27 avril 20h / “Songs Of The Day After” / Barbara Glas

Projection privée 1

Projection I “Songs Of The Day After” I Barbara Glas

Projection de l’épisode pilote du projet de série anglaise de “#SongsOfTheDayAfter“, réalisé par #BarbaraGlas au Royal Opéra House à Tumbrimdge Wells DNS le Kint en Angleterre.

Un film produit par K3MK Productions :
Karry Kamal Karry … producer
Graham Hawkins … associate producer
Rob McGregor … executive producer

with: Jason Davies, Maya Diehm, Alex Freeman, Paul Pariser, Gregory Good, Brandon Ros, Barbara Glas

crew : DOP – CHEF OPERATEUR > Rob McGregor / EDITOR – MONTEUR > Kamil Olejnik / SOUND ENGINEER – INGE SON > Lucile Mauviel

Emerging from the mist of the past, six characters meet in the ethereal town of Bronze Bell Sorrow, the city of last chance. Only one of them is a living human being; the five others hide diverse identities. Anamorphic time and space are the stage on which they confront each other and themselves. Murderers, executioners, victims…who are they really? Behind the crimes they have committed are simply lost creatures wishing desperately to be members of humanity, even for the short time of a card game.

***Vous avez la possibilité de gagner des places pour assister à la projection en Angleterre. Restez connecté sur la page FB K3MK Productions pour trouver les indices aux questions du jeux.

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